How do we stay connected to our deepest potential, even when we feel broken?

There is a Portal is a participatory digital journey, a community pedagogy, and a healing justice initiative.

The community pedagogy offers beautiful, thoughtful, culturally resonant content and a powerful set of creative approaches to build spaces of belonging. It bridges personal, political, and historical inquiry using poetry and literature, sound and song, writing, discussion, physical movement and trauma-informed methods to build capacity, activate healing, and mobilize grassroots leadership.

Through creative explorations we open doorways toward self-healing and deeper community connection to encounter each other and remake our world, in a good way.

You will work directly with the artist and the community pedagogy team.

The framework includes:

  • There is a Portal immersive digital journey, 
  • Journey Book for reflection and inquiry, 
  • Interdisciplinary practices for groups working with stories or on project based learning, and 
  • A train the trainer model to cultivate adaptive and nurturing creative practices within various fields. 

These offerings can be used in settings such as educational settings (schools, universities), social service settings (refugee resettlement), or community-based programs (youth arts programs). 

The best people to use the pedagogy are professional staff, faculty, teachers, and administrators who want to build their capacity for opening and sustaining portals and practices for weaving new stories of belonging – in their lives and with communities they are a part of. 

 If you are looking for a transformative community building program that turns toward possibility, please reach out.