Welcome to There is a Portal.

This is a place of remembering, of crossings and light, and of finding home within. A way to turn toward the not-yet-named possibilities of belonging.

In this immersive digital journey you will travel across four chapters: Loss, Hate, Regret, and Connection.

The experience unfolds through lush visuals, narrative, and sound as it cycles through personal and political story. You are invited to feel, remember, and situate your own memories within the journey. 

You can jump through the chapters, or experience a few then return for the rest.

You are offered prompts and moments of reflection. Through your interactions you help create the musical shape of your journey. Your interactions will be translated into a song.

You are part of this journey, it is a participatory experience.

This song-shape is offered back to you at the end of the experience. It is yours, a gift to keep and share.

Phir Milenge. 

Let’s meet ourselves again. Let’s reclaim all the love that is waiting for us.

Gatherings + Story Sharing

There are no upcoming performances at this time.