Coming home. We shape a place for ourselves that feels secure and freeing, that supports
our deepest potential, and nurtures all who enter.

There is a Portal is a project with many components that uses story as a gathering place. In this place, people can journey alone, together, write/speak/listen across experience, and forge relationships that liberate and transform social roles.

The project started out as a live, participatory theater piece in 2017. Incubated at the Center for Ethnic, Racial, and Religious Understanding (CERRU) at Queens College, with support from the Kupferberg Center for Performing Arts it grew into a full-stage production, with a community pedagogy framework. (Directed by Rania Lee Khalil, with music by Bahar Royaee, and video art by Gazelle Samizay.)

By January 2020, it had two fully staged productions (Intercultural Productions, Philadelphia and The James Gallery, NYC) and was ready for touring.

And then COVID.

Through lock-down and the radical transformation in the way we gather, the pedagogical team entered a process of deep reflection and creative exploration. This led to There is a Portal‘s transformation into an immersive digital experience and a community pedagogy.

The power of this work is in offering a place to remember, listen, and turn toward our stories, songs, and ancestral metaphors as sites of power.

“If we can remember together, we can pull the poison out.”

We are developing a wide range of tools and ways to Journey as an individual and collectively. They will include:

  • There is a Portal immersive digital journey, 
  • Journey Book for self-reflection and inquiry, 
  • Interdisciplinary practices for groups working with stories, and 
  • A train the trainer model to cultivate adaptive and nurturing creative practices across fields.

Thank you for your interest in There is a Portal.

We hope you will engage with this universe of work that touches the body, heart, and mind.